Custom Engraving is to us what Music was to Mozart. We live and breathe it every day and enjoy it to the fullest. Some people would say that it is an art but we would say that it is 1/8 art, 1/8 science and 3/4 passion. Passion is what drives the skill to accomplish a custom engraving project and our customer's big smiles are what drives our passion. So, passion gets us the skill, skill makes the smiles and smiles create more passion. It's like a never ending and very exciting cycle for us and we love it. 


That is not to say that it comes all very easy. Good things never come easy and nor does the custom engraving skill. There isn't a guide that one can read and become able to engrave any object that a customer brings nor is there a Google or Wikipedia page (We would have loved that - maybe we will make one). It is an art (nay passion) that we have developed over countless hours on thinking and trying on different objects and number of failed attempts to get the engraving on the tightest and most uneven of places that has made us into the Mozart of engraving that we now are. 


Each material reacts differently when it comes to engraving or personalizing it. It is like training a wild horse. It takes patience and perseverance with steady (not to firm and not to lax) attitude to get the mustang to finally mould into a beautiful partner you want it to be. At times it takes a lot of courage as well. When someone drops off their great grand fathers’ rifle to be engraved or their grandma's vase to be personalized, we only have one shot at it. There are no redo’s, there is no fixing the problem and there is no replacement. Replacing a vase easier than replacing a great grandfather’s world  war 2 rifle but there can be no replacement of the sentimental value and memories attached to that very piece, the customer has put in your hands. The very thought that one is holding an object that has some very precious memories attached to it and one wrong move can completely destroy that object is enough to make most engravers not take the job. This aspect of a custom engraving job is what sometimes makes it scary for the customer and that inevitably makes us anxious too, but our vast experience and intimate knowledge about a number of different materials makes us one of the best engravers in the business.


So whether it is glass engraving job on wedding glasses for an about to be wed couple, fire arm engraving for the great grand fathers rifle, wood engraving a poem on a family's wooden dining table or personalizing a wine chiller that a wife is to present to her husband on their 30th anniversary, we have lived it all with big smiles from our customers.



Lets talk a little bit about how it is done.


There are two basic types of engraving processes that can happen.


1. Laser Engraving


As the name suggests this is accomplished by a laser engraver. The process involves the laser machine pointing the laser beams in a concentrated manner on the material in question to create the desired design or mark. The very basic idea is burn the surface on the top to reveal the coating underneath. The difference of color in the top coating and the underlying coating is what creates the customized engraving pattern. The power of the laser is adjusted based on different materials as some are more resilient than others. Most commonly used materials for this type of engraving are, wood, plastic, glass, fabric and some metals. 



2. Rotary Engraving (A.K.A Diamond Drag Engraving)


This process deals with digging into the material unlike burning the top layer like laser engraving. The machine comes with a set of tips with varying degrees of sharpness and lengths to create the desired boldness of the pattern being created. Most common used materials are different forms of metals (Steel, titanium, Aluminum.....)



At PW Engraving, custom engraving services are available on a wide variety of materials including steel, glass/crystal, fabrics, plastic, leather, wood, rubber, electronics, cardstock and firearms. Our dedicated design team is experienced in handling custom, one of a kind product with care and working with our customers to make sure we deliver the finished product they want. See samples in our subsections above or contact us if it is something you are interested in having engraved is not shown in our sample section. A picture, brief description of the item, where and what you want engraved, and the quantity is all we need to make it happen.