To some, a sport is just entertainment but to others it is a way of life, purpose of life or the whole life. We at PW Engraving count ourselves among the later ones. We breathe sports day in and day out. Whether it is getting soccer trophies ready for the local sports team, getting football medals engraved for a college football team, sublimating plates for the golf trophies to ship in time for state golf championship or getting hundreds of thousands of ribbons prepared for the swim league championship. We are knee deep into sports every single day and we love it.


According to Wikipedia, the history of sports goes all the way back to 15,300 years where examples of wrestling and sprinting as sport have been found in prehistoric caves of France. Historical evidence also suggests that around 2000 BC Gymnastics seemed to be popular sports among Chinese back then. Even the monuments of Pharaohs reveal that sports was a well developed concept back then. Artifacts found, show that those guys back in that time were big into swimming and fishing. I would love to see Michael Phelps compete against the ancient Egyptian.


Sports has always been a great motivator and has changed people’s lives all throughout history. It has made lifelong friends and sworn enemies. It has created salivating rivalries that dates back hundreds of years which still exist and are a source of exhilarating competition in the modern times. It has also brought nations together. Prime example of that accomplishment is Nelson Mandela who brought a whole country together via sports. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, read this article to get up to date. It was quite a feat from a remarkable human being. 


While sports have been a unifying factor many a time, it has also been used as a tool to create barriers between the wealthy and poor. Cricket is a prime example of such sports. During the 1800s when British occupied the Indian subcontinent, cricket was considered to be a sport of wealthy British. Later on, the native people learned the game and mastered it better than the English. It is an irony that England has yet to win a single world cup in a game they invented and is their national sport. I hope they come around to it someday.


So whether one likes any sports or not, it has touched the lives of almost everyone in one way or the other. To us at PW Engraving sports is a religion. It can be anything but boring. Whether it be cheering our local football team or yelling our hearts out at the super bowl match, we love sports and we know sports. It is through our sports awards that we keep in constant touch with a number of sports and keep our inner sportsman alive. We are not just sellers or our sports awards, we are crazy fans of each sport that we cater to. So next time you head on in our shop for your sports awards, look out for that tackle.