History of awarding medals as an award goes all the way back for 4th century BCE where high priest Jonahthan led Hebrews in the aid of Alexander. Alexander in return awarded the kings men with golden buttons later to be termed as Medals. Medals have been accorded to soldiers all along the history as a gallantry award for their war skills. Medals have also  been regularly featured with the clergy where religious heads of different faith have worn specific medals or medallions depicting different levels of seniority.  


In the modern times medals have become more synonymous with being awarded in sporting events. Medals are the smaller sibling of trophies and a distant cousin of plaques and acrylics in the awards family. Even though they are not the first ones to come to mind when one thinks of winning (trophy comes first) but are equally famous among sporting events. They are also the first choice when shopping for awards on a budget. They can be had very cheaply depending on the size and type of medal. 


Its pretty basic. A medal (round piece of metal) attached to a neck ribbon and you have an award ready to go. So simple but at the same time very elegant.


Medals come in a lot of shapes and forms. Small ones range from 1" to 2" in diameter and are called medals while the insanely huge ones are called medallions. Just as the medals, the neck ribbons also come in a lot of colors, shapes and can be made to be fancy with steel chains. Usually most medals have inscriptions on the front side with a particular sport image while the back side is left blank to be inscribed with the individual’s name receiving the medal. The most common used medals are soccer medals, football medals, baseball medals, swim medals, hockey medals and volleyball medals. This in no way is an exhaustive list but just a mention of most common sports to use medals as their award medium. Most Olympic Games also award medals.


So whether you are sports coach looking to buy medals for your team or a team mom, feel free to check out our collection of medals and give PW Engraving team a chance to fullfill your awards needs. 


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