How Do You Store Trophies?

How Do You Store Trophies?


Trophies frequently present a minor conundrum: you want to display them, but finding the space can be difficult if your trophy collection has grown. Sorting through your or a family member's trophies will help you decide which trophies should be displayed and which can be packed.

The first thing that any avid trophy collector must do is decide where they will store their trophies. This may seem like an easy question, but there are many different options and considerations to keep in mind. Trophies can be displayed in a variety of ways, including floating shelves, display cases, and shadow boxes. Stay with this blog to let us give some ideas to store and display your personalized trophy collection.  

 First, choose which trophies to display. These should be your favorites or the ones you want everyone to see when they come into your home. Other trophies that you want to keep but don't need to display right now can be safely stored.

 After you choose which trophy you want to display, it is the time to select the style you can display them!

 Choose Different Displaying Options:  

  • For a smaller collection, place your trophies on a floating shelf.

 Depending on the number of trophies you want to display, you can find a floating shelf that will accommodate them. Floating shelves are simple to install and come in a variety of styles, making them an ideal simple display solution. You can buy floating shelves with small knobs on the bottom that are perfect for hanging medals or you can also build your own floating shelves.  

  • Display trophies in a trophy case or glass cabinet to keep them safe.

 Trophy cases are always an option if you want to display your trophies while keeping them tucked away and out of sight, though they can be expensive. If you have a glass door cabinet at home, you can clear off a shelf and display your trophies there. Also, old china cabinets can be a great option to display them. 

  • Keep your trophies on a bookcase for an easy fix. 

 You likely already have a bookcase in your home—clear off a shelf and you have a perfect spot for trophies. Before you clear off the shelf, measure the height of your trophies to ensure they will fit. If you're trying to organize your children's trophies, you can use an entire bookshelf and have each child place their trophies on one shelf. 

  • Install shadow boxes for a more sophisticated display option.

 If you only have one or two trophies, a shadow box is a great way to display them. Choose a shadow box in any colour or size you want and hang it on the wall. You can even design your own! If you have a larger trophy collection, you can hang a variety of shadow boxes on the wall for a unique look. 

  • Install a shelf along your ceiling to keep trophies out of reach. 

 This method works best for larger trophy collections. Install a floating shelf near the top of your ceiling to keep trophies out of reach but on display. Make sure to thoroughly measure before installing—you don't want your trophies to be too tall to fit on the shelf. 

  • If possible, use an alcove in the wall. 

If your home has an un utilized alcove, it could be a great place to display trophies. Install a shelf or a bookshelf in the alcove to give your trophies their own space. You can even hang a picture of the trophy-winning event in the alcove. If your alcove has spotlighting lights, this is a great way to illuminate trophies, medals, and pictures.

 Presenting a trophy for a specific achievement is a great way to recognize the hard work that went into winning the achievement. Outstanding achievements, whether in sales or in sports, should always be recognized. We at PW Engraving hoping that you found a little inspiration in this post to get going on your own trophy display. Bring these ideas to life and heartily show your and your loved ones achievements.