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Custom Engraved Award Plaques

Create custom engraved award plaques at PWEngraving.com. PWEngraving has a great collection of award plaques. Our wide selection of plaque awards guarantees that you will find the award that you need irrespective of the budget. So whether it is about commemorating a hero or recognizing a super star employee, PWEngraving has the perfect plaques.


Ever had a hero in your life that you adored as a kid. We all have been there. Whether it was Superman, Batman, Cat Woman or Captain Planet, we all have had that one special character that we wanted to be like as a kid and somewhere deep down still want to emulate that person. As a kid you want to be like your hero, shake hands with them, have an opportunity to dine with them and even be their younger brother/sister. We also come across heroes in our life as adults. Those heroes come in all forms, sometimes as a mentor who has helped you through your formative years and have contributed immensely towards your professional career. They might come across as a coworker or a subordinate who has become an integral part of your team through sheer hard work and dedication and has made you shine numerous times while themselves being in the lime light or they might have come into your life indirectly as a social worker who has done a lot of good for not so fortunate ones.


You wonder how do you commemorate this individual by thanking them for making a positive impact in your life. What better way to acknowledge them then to give something that will be there for a long time, reminding them of how much you appreciate them, every time they looked at it.


An elegant wooden plaque from PW Engraving that is custom engraved with your heartfelt thoughts is an ideal tribute. This personalized piece of remembrance in your ideal's office or home can serve to be a kind of connection between you and your super hero, regardless of the physical distance between you. Every time they look at your gift, it will invariably take them back to you.A number of choices from PW Engraving between elegant mahogany colored wood plaques to natural wood plaques will make for an excellent base plaque for the finished product. A choice between using a wide array of fonts to be laser engraved on metal plate, later to be affixed on the plaque, to directly engraving on the natural wood plaque itself, provides you with a range of choices to make your recognition gift to your super hero, a classic to be remembered for times to come.